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Dick O'Neill

Born August 29, 1928 in
as "Thomas Cleary"
as "Pulaski"
as "Captain"
as "Chuck Pearson"
as "Lt. Barnett"
as "Martin Churit"
as "Mr. Polski"
as "Chief Investigator Roy Clymer"
as "Bluestone"
Chiller (1985)
as "Clarence Beeson"
Turk 182! (1985)
as "Powerhouse chief"
as "Wilson"
Wolfen (1981)
as "Warren"
as "General Eulace C. Buxley"
The Jerk (1979)
as "Frosty"
as "Sol Gittler"
as "Irwin Owett"
as "Mr. Appleton"
as "Mr. Gower"
as "Charlie"
St. Ives (1976)
as "Hesh"
as "General James Davison"
Posse (1975)
as "Wiley"
Hustling (1975)
as "Keogh"
as "McHugh"
as "Frank Correll"
Hail (1972)
as "The Attorney General"
as "Tim Holland"
as "Bud Munsch"
as "Gen. O'Neill"
as "Maj. Fred Howard"
as "Al"
The Mugger (1958)
as "Cassidy"
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