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Matt Berry

Born May 2, 1974 in Bromham, Bedfordshire, England
as "King Poseidon (voice)"
as "Policeman Bobby"
as "King Snodd"
Swansong (2015)
as "Toby Taylor"
as "The Butt Witch (voice)"
as "Bubbles (voice)"
Svengali (2013)
as "Jeremy Braines"
as "Roger"
as "Himself"
One Day (2011)
as "Aaron"
Huge (2010)
as "Head Creative"
as "Daniel"
Braincell (2010)
as "Neil Balsam"
Moon (2009)
as "Overmeyers"
Svengali (2009)
as "Jeremy Braines"
The Search (2009)
as "Bootland"
as "Philip da Purve"
as "Brett Wilson"
as "Innkeeper / Tim Wynde"
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