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Robert Wisdom

Born September 14, 1953 in
as "Detective Pope"
Live Cargo (2016)
as "Roy"
The Loft (2014)
as "Detective Cohagan"
as "Terrence Burke"
as "Army Captain at Bridge"
Rampart (2011)
as "Captain"
as "Prendell"
as "Malcolm"
as "Roy"
as "Alpha"
as "Billy Bob"
as "Dr. Carl Cohn"
as "Blume"
Ray (2004)
as "Jack Lauderdale"
as "Carl Dayton"
Haven (2004)
as "Mr. Sterling"
as "Alderman Brown"
as "Moker"
Duplex (2003)
as "Officer Dan"
as "Lucius"
as "Bernard Shaw"
as "Mr. Scott"
The Heist (2000)
as "Slim"
as "Kweli"
as "Leroy"
Face/Off (1997)
as "Tito Biondi"
Invader (1996)
as "Colonel Jessie Pratt"
as "Policeman"
Sahara (1995)
as "Tambul"
as "Mort"
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