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Charles Stevenson

Born October 13, 1887 in
as "Half-breed Archer"
as "Assistant Coach (uncredited)"
Hot Water (1924)
as "Charley Stokes"
as "Jewish tailor"
as "Shop Assistant"
Why Worry? (1923)
as "Revolutionary with Moustache (uncredited)"
as "Garage owner"
as "Ambulance Attendant"
as "Luke Hassan (as Charles E. Stevenson)"
as ""
Dr. Jack (1922)
as "Asylum Guard (uncredited)"
as "His Rival / Union General"
as "Julius Goldsmith - Film producer"
as "Pedro"
as "The Police Force"
as "Conductor"
as "Cop / Man on Rollercoaster (uncredited)"
as "(uncredited)"
as ""
as "Police Officer (uncredited)"
as "Man who won't buy books"
as "Jewish Bootlegger"
as "Stolen Wallet Cop (uncredited)"
as "Servant"
as "Detective"
That's Him (1918)
as ""
as ""
as ""
as "(as Charles E. Stevenson)"
as "Whooping-Cough Charlie, the Sheriff"
Hey There (1918)
as "Prop Man"
as "Indian (uncredited)"
as ""
All Aboard (1917)
as "Harold's Rival"
as ""
Pinched (1917)
as ""
as "Sailor"
as ""
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