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Michael Shamus Wiles

Born October 27, 1955 in
Death Note (2017)
as "Police Captain Russel"
The Bronze (2015)
as "Vet"
Loaded (2015)
as "Sherriff"
as "Jarrett Perkins"
Hydra (2009)
as "Captain Sweet"
as "Solemn"
as "Donald Baumgarten"
Neo Ned (2005)
as "Ned's Dad"
as "Chairman Lowery"
as "Mundo"
Rock Star (2001)
as "Mr. Cole"
as "Captain Marc Andrew Mitscher"
as "Wellings"
as "Mr. Parmagi"
Fight Club (1999)
as "Bartender in Halo"
Held Up (1999)
as "Biker"
as "Taylor"
as "Black-Haired Man"
Steel (1997)
as "Skinhead #2"
as "Guard Mike"
as "Nose"
as "Stanley"
as "Checkpoint Officer"
as "Wes Santee"
as "Gunman 1"
as "Tor"
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