• January 20, 2015
  • 87 min
  • Drama

Cem is mid 20's and is making its voluntary service in the retirement home. There he falls in love with Astrid, which helps as a dance therapist residents to renewed vigor. And Cem loves Berlin-Neukölln. There he grew up, and he wants his neighborhood defend: against Nazis, speculators and displacement. But how to do that anyway? Who are the real enemy here? And how does the fight? a compensation Cem looking at his other great passion, football. In one game he gets violently with Roman together. Roman threatens him. The next day the windows are smashed in the restaurant from Cems parents. An Accident? Cem swears revenge. But the battle is attracting larger circles. When Astrid gets suddenly targeted by novel, the conflict escalates dramatically. Suddenly a matter of life and death.

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