NBA Dynasty Series - Chicago Bulls

  • January 1, 1970
  • 922 min

NBA Dynasty Series: The Chicago Bulls—The 1990s is complete wish fulfillment for the sports fan. This four-disc set, encompassing the Bulls' remarkable streak from 1991's first championship to 1998's second three-peat, contains so much information and insight into Chicago's several seasons of glory that it's hard to take it in all at one time. We get over seven hours of historical and archival footage, as well as new interviews from players and coaches all offering their take on what made these particular teams and seasons so special. And there's more. Discs Two through Four each have an entire NBA Finals game on them (one per side for a total of six), each representing a stellar or exceptional moment in the series. Along with the single-season documentaries (including the historic overview, seven in total) there are nearly 16 hours of Chicago Bulls goodness in this package.

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