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Umberto Spadaro

Born uknown in
as "Doctor"
as ""
as "Darmon Henchman"
as "il cugino di Ascalone"
as "Miguel - Rojo Gunman (uncredited)"
as "L'ortolano"
as "Direttore del carcere"
as ""
as "Don José"
as "Gaspare Puggioni, 1st Coast Guard Officer"
as "Bezzi, il contadino"
as "Don Antonio Percucoco"
as "Padre putativo di Jolanda"
as "Anna's Father"
as "Detective Pietrangeli"
as "Doctor Micheli"
as ""
as "Scoppola - the killer"
as "L'avvocato Faraglia"
as "(uncredited)"
as "Aldo Piscitello"
as "Lo stregone"
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