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Colm Feore

Born August 22, 1958 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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Colm Feore (born August 22, 1958) is an American-born Canadian stage, film and television actor.

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as "The Chief"
as "Dr. Troutman"
Reversion (2015)
as "Jack Clé"
as "Corporal Robin Hawkins"
as "Donald Menken"
as "Rob Behringer"
as "Pontifikator"
Thor (2011)
as "King Laufey"
as "Principal Berkhoff"
as "Narrator"
as "Sergeant Connor"
as "Henry Taylor"
as "T. Kenneth Hassert / Joshua"
as "The Preacher"
as "Maurice Bishop"
Guns (2008)
as "Paul Duguid"
as "(voice)"
Changeling (2008)
as "Chief James E. Davis"
The Poet (2007)
as "Colonel Hass"
as "General Sherman"
as "Dr. Theodore Lenningrad"
as "Martin Ward"
as "Dave"
as "Karl Gunderson"
The Deal (2005)
as "Hank Weiss"
as "Lucas Mackenzie"
as "Lord Marshal"
Highwaymen (2004)
as "Fargo"
Paycheck (2003)
as "Wolfe"
as "Detective Frank McDuff"
Chicago (2002)
as "Harrison"
as "The Baron"
as "Mike Matassa"
as "Olson"
Trudeau (2002)
as "Pierre Trudeau"
Ignition (2001)
as "Gen. Joel MacAteer"
as "narrator"
as "Caspar Weinberger"
as "Sebastian"
as "Adm. Husband E. Kimmel"
Lola (2001)
as "Mike"
as "Paul Battaglia"
Haven (2001)
as "Bruno"
as "Leppenraub"
as "Ryan"
as "Toby (voice)"
Nuremberg (2000)
as "Rudolf Höß"
as "Ed Hanson"
as "Trampas"
Titus (1999)
as "Marcus Andronicus"
as "Richard Scruggs"
as ""
as ""
as "Andre Linoge (Human & Monster Form)"
as "Derek"
as "Auctioneer (Montréal)"
Airborne (1998)
as "Ron Simpson"
Creature (1998)
as "Adm. Aaron Richland"
The Escape (1998)
as "Hickman"
as "Jordan"
as "Pshenishny"
as ""
Face/Off (1997)
as "Dr. Malcolm Walsh"
as "Elihu Harrison"
Truman (1995)
as "Charlie Ross"
as "Detective Evan Taylor"
as "Chester Rice"
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