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Eric Etebari

Born uknown in
as "Xander"
A-X-L (2018)
as "Craine Operative Berman"
as "Alligator Dundee"
as "Gabriel Jones"
Ominous (2015)
as "Father Francis"
as "David Shea"
Beneath (2013)
as "Masek"
Bullet (2014)
as "Manual Kane"
as "Elliott"
as "Zane Carroll"
as "Jesus"
as "Mitch McAvoy"
as "Charles Talbot"
as "John DeMine"
as "Victor Price"
as "Marty"
as "Kasadya"
Cellular (2004)
as "Dmitri"
as "Lt. York"
as "Darden"
as "Junior Lopez"
Liberty (2018)
as "Jack Ryder"
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