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Stink! (2015)
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Daniel Kash

Born April 25, 1959 in
as "John MacDonald"
Remember (2015)
as "Retirement Home Director"
Breakout (2013)
as "Chuck"
Solo (2013)
as ""
Mama (2013)
as "Dr. Dreyfuss"
as "Caller"
as "Axel Turner"
as "Kontantinos (Gus) Boulis"
as "Marty"
as "Counselor Silverstein"
as "Police Officer"
as "Eric"
as "Hurst Laviana"
as "Reporter"
as "Jeffrey Altman"
as "LoPresti"
as "Simon Peter"
The Tuxedo (2002)
as "Rogers"
as "Mayor Dennis"
as "Rory"
Haven (2001)
as "Mordechai"
Going Back (2001)
as "Eric"
Pilgrim (2000)
as "Hogan"
as "Lt. David Thatcher"
Wounded (1997)
as "David Boyd"
Virus (1996)
as "Ripley"
as "Brian 'Spinner' Spencer"
Aliens (1986)
as "Pvt. Daniel Spunkmeyer"
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