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Ma Dong-seok

Born uknown in
Eternals (2021)
as "Gilgamesh"
as "Sang Hwa"
Deep Trap (2015)
as "Sung-Chul"
Veteran (2015)
as "Big Guy with Sportswear (uncredited)"
as "Detective Oh"
as "Pan-soo"
as "Chun-Bo"
One on One (2014)
as "Leader of Shadow"
Rough Play (2013)
as "Gang boss"
as "Airport staff (cameo)"
The Flu (2013)
as "Jeon Kook-Hwan"
Mr. Go (2013)
as "Caster"
as "Moo Sung"
Azooma (2012)
as "Detective Ma"
New World (2013)
as "Section Chief Jo"
Love 911 (2012)
as "Head of Firefighter team"
as "Ahn Hyuk-Mo"
as "High School Zombie"
as "Hubby Kim"
as "Gay couple 1"
as "Back neck man"
as "Park Man-soo"
Pained (2011)
as "Beom-no"
Quick (2011)
as "Kim Joo-cheol"
The Unjust (2010)
as "Ma Dae-ho"
as "Son Deok-Tae"
Take Off (2009)
as "Detective"
as "Sang-baek"
as "Chang-woo"
as "Ho-Seop"
as ""
as "Hwang Sang-wook"
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