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Dirk Borchardt

Born uknown in
as "Arnulf"
as "Heiner Krenzlin"
as "Mike Böckler"
as "Polizist Gamser"
as "Bernd"
as "FRanky"
as "Lars Wolter"
as "Steffen Wenk"
as "Christoph"
as "Alfred Brauer"
as "Hans Joachim Wölfel"
as "Kapitän Wolfram"
as "Ulf Habermann"
as "Klaus 'Kante' Hübner"
as "Berni"
as "Sebastian Weber"
as "Haralds Kollege"
as "Klaus Lohmann"
as "Clubchef Tom"
as "Sven Richter"
Erlkönig (2007)
as "Fuchs"
as "Hauptfeldwebel Kramm"
as "Kommissar Martin Leschek"
Lulu (2006)
as "Kungo Poti"
as "Michael Niemayer"
as "Zuhälter Osman"
Downfall (2004)
as "Panzerkommandant"
as "Grenzsoldat 2"
as "Border policeman"
as "Nico"
as "Stulle"
as "-"
as "Zapatka"
as "Kurt Kanz"
as "Offizier"
Gierig (1999)
as "Thomys"
as "Rene"
as "Fred"
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