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Laura del Sol

Born November 27, 1961 in
Furia (1999)
as "Olga"
as "Donna Margherita"
as "Vicky"
Love Deal (1995)
as "Paz"
as "Teresa"
The Crew (1994)
as "Camilla Marquez"
as "Angela"
as "Amelia Lópes O'Neil"
as "Marfisa"
as ""
as "Laila"
as "Blanchette Medor"
as "Juanita Plaza"
as "Rosaria"
as "Lucía"
as "Romilda Pescatore"
Los zancos (1984)
as "Teresa"
The Hit (1984)
as "Maggie"
as "Bailarina"
Carmen (1983)
as "Carmen"
as "Actress Child in Spot Tv (uncredited)"
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