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Dragomir Felba

Born July 7, 1921 in Skoplje, FYR Macedonia
Dragomir Felba was a Serbian and Yugoslav film, theater and television actor.He studied the law school, and later the Film School in Belgrade, which he finished 1950th. He made his debut at the National Theatre of Kragujevac but in 1952. he moved to the Yugoslav Drama Theatre. Since 1956. he was a freelance artist. The first film role was played in 1948. in the film "Sofka" is a famous role in "Barba Zvane." For the role in "Kozara" at the Pula Film Festival, was awarded a special diploma.
My Country (1997)
as ""
as ""
as "Mihajlo"
Sunflowers (1988)
as "deda Jova"
Wild Wind (1985)
as "Naum"
as "Ratimir Spasić"
as "Deda Ivan"
as "Seljak"
Dorotheus (1981)
as "Iguman Makarije"
as ""
as "deda Mika"
as "Noćni čuvar u pozorištu"
Tiger (1978)
as "Tamarin otac"
as "Šef samoposluge"
as "Šofer"
as "Seljak koji živi u pojati"
as "Vidoje"
Backbone (1975)
as ""
as "Deda Vukajlo"
as ""
Hell River (1974)
as "Chicha"
as "Hadži Sinanudin"
Truckers (1973)
as "Mušterija 1"
as "Pogrebnik"
A Shot (1972)
as ""
as "Jovin kolega"
The Bet (1971)
as ""
as "Milicioner"
as "Pop Klime"
The Ambush (1969)
as "Topolovački"
as ""
as "Uroš"
as "Crusader 1"
as "Marko"
as "Đorđe"
as ""
as "Angele"
The Feast (1967)
as "Gazda Steva"
as "Orhan"
as "(uncredited)"
as "Zoja, otac Radojičin"
as "Sheriff Martin Miller"
as "Šjor Bartol / Ivov brat"
as "Krste"
as "Mihin pomoćnik"
Kozara (1962)
as "Obrad"
as "Inžinjer Živa"
as "Gašpar"
Boom Town (1961)
as "Šarac"
as "Serafin"
as "Komandir milicije"
Dubrowsky (1959)
as "Gregori"
as "Palić"
as "Marko"
as "Gvozden"
as ""
as "Suri"
Major Bauk (1951)
as "Đura Ličanin"
as "Barba Žvane"
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