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Christopher Lloyd

Born October 22, 1938 in Stamford, Connecticut, USA
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Christopher Allen Lloyd (born October 22, 1938) is an American actor. He is best known for playing Doc Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy, Uncle Fester in The Addams Family films, and Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He played Reverend Jim Ignatowski in the television series Taxi and most recently Mr. Goodman in Piranha 3D. He also starred in the short-lived television series Deadly Games, and also was a regular in the short-lived TV series Stacked, in the mid-2000s. Lloyd has used his vocal talents in animation, frequently voicing villains. He currently voices the character Hacker on the animated PBS series Cyberchase. Lloyd has won three Primetime Emmy Awards and an Independent Spirit Award, and has been nominated for two Saturn Awards and a Daytime Emmy Award. Description above from the Wikipedia article Christopher Lloyd, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.
Muse (2017)
as "Bernard Rauschen"
as "Milton Kupchak"
Cold Moon (2016)
as "James Redfield"
as "Crowley"
as "Grandpa Bob"
as "Abner"
as "Emmett Brown"
as "Himself"
88 (2015)
as "Cyrus"
as "Kroenig"
Zodiac (2014)
as "Harry Setag"
Blood Lake (2014)
as "Mayor Akerman"
as "Doc Brown (Uncredited)"
as "Victor Karloch"
as "Harry"
Cadaver (2012)
as "Cadaver"
as "Lars"
as "Horus Galloway"
Foodfight! (2012)
as "Mr. Clipboard"
as "Mr. Goodman"
as "Professor (voice)"
as "Dr. Von Gearheart"
as "Dr. Emmett Brown (uncredited) (archival footage)"
InSight (2011)
as "Shep"
as "Nathan"
as "Dr. George"
as "The Wizard of Oz"
Piranha 3D (2010)
as "Henry Goodman"
Snowmen (2010)
as "The Caretaker"
as "Stan Cruge"
as "Headmaster"
Meteor (2009)
as "Prof. Daniel Lehman"
as "Tesselink"
as "'Grandpa' Bill Hale"
as "Hovis (voice)"
as "Amos (voice)"
as "Everett Neely"
as "Michael"
as "Himself"
as "Seymour S. Sassafras (voice)"
as "Mr. Chauncey"
Admissions (2004)
as "Steward Worthy"
as "Cap'n Jack"
as "Coroner"
as "Bruce"
as "Ray"
Kids World (2001)
as "Leo"
as "Uncle Fred Walker"
as ""
as "Jet James"
Wit (2001)
as "Dr. Harvey Kelekian"
as "Morley Allen"
as "Christopher Lloyd - 'Taxi' Actor"
as "Jarvis Moody"
as "Heep"
as "White Knight"
as "Oncle Martin (le Martien)"
as "Dad"
as "Judge Thatcher (voice)"
as "Ernst"
as "Sam Howard"
Anastasia (1997)
as "Rasputin (voice)"
as "Theo Teagarden"
as "Aaron Quicksilver"
as "Al the Boss Angel"
as "Wood Grimes"
as "Johnny Benjamin"
Rent-a-Kid (1995)
as "Lawrence 'Larry' Kayvey"
as "Mr. Dewey"
as "Mr. Hunch"
as "Zoltan"
as "Dennis Van Welker"
as "Al the Boss Angel"
as "Uncle Fester Addams"
as "Jimmy"
as "Switchblade Sam"
as "Weasel"
as "Uncle Fester"
as "Charlie Wilcox"
as "Dr. Emmett Brown"
as "Dr. Emmett Brown"
Why Me? (1990)
as "Bruno Daley"
as "Dr. Emmett Brown"
as "Henry Sikorsky"
as "'Sleepy' Bill Burns"
as "Judge Doom"
Track 29 (1988)
as "Henry Henry"
as "Jim Martin"
as "Reggie Shand / Henry Shand"
Miracles (1986)
as "Harry"
Clue (1985)
as "Professor Plum"
as "Dr. Emmett Brown"
Joy of Sex (1984)
as "Coach Hindenberg"
as "Capt. Schultz"
Mr. Mom (1983)
as "Larry"
as "Sergeant Stampone"
as "Samuel Starkman ("Municipalians")"
as "Maj. Bartholomew 'Butch' Cavendish"
Schizoid (1980)
as "Gilbert"
as "Arnold's Collector"
as "Jailhouse lawyer"
as ""Frognose" Balducci"
as "Bill Tod Carver"
as "Skip Hartman"
as "Hans Bogardus"
as "Deputy Towfield"
as "Jesse James"
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