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Emil Sitka

Born uknown in
as "Hold Hands You Lovebirds (archive footage)"
Intruder (1989)
as "Mr. Abernathy"
as "Mr. Abernathy / Witch doctor / Cavalry colonel"
as "Butler at Men's Club (uncredited)"
as "Professor Danforth"
as "Shepherd / Refreshment Man"
as "Mr. Norfleet"
as "Councilman Goodrich"
as "B. Bopper"
as "Charlie"
as "Private (archive footage) (uncredited)"
as "Technician"
as "Amos Flint"
as "Enemy Commander (uncredited)"
as "Doctor"
as "Emil, a Customer"
as "B.K. Doaks"
as "Railroad Fireman in Bar"
as "Private"
as "Mr. Pennyfeather"
as "Prof. Sneed"
as "Mr. Goodrich"
as "Mr. Lark"
as "Amos Flint"
as "Justice of the Peace"
as "Attorney"
as "Cab Driver (uncredited)"
as "Joe's Friend (uncredited)"
as "Sapington"
as "2nd Bellhop"
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