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Francisco Reiguera

Born uknown in
as "Don Quijote"
as "Don Joaquín"
as "Father Superior"
as "The Devil as an Old Witch"
as "Odilon Campos Santos"
as "Don Celso, dueño del Cafe"
as "Juez (uncredited)"
as "Jeremias (uncredited)"
as "Medicine Man"
as "Pablo"
La faraona (1956)
as "Don Isaac"
as "Shopkeeper (uncredited)"
as "José"
as "Director funerario"
as "(uncredited)"
as "Miguel Suárez (uncredited)"
as "Anás el Viejo"
as "Lucas de Mente"
as ""
as "Don Gonzalo"
as "Complice de Paco (uncredited)"
as "El muerto"
as "Don Gorgonio, boticario"
Rosenda (1948)
as "Padre Rubio"
as "Profesor Peralta (uncredited)"
as ""
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