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Damian Young

Born uknown in
as "Howard Ackerman"
Otherhood (2019)
as "Frank"
as "David Welch"
as "Mr. Winthrop"
as "Otto"
Catfight (2016)
as "Stanley"
Druid Peak (2014)
as "McGill"
as "Attorney Williams"
as "Serge"
as "Mike, The Innkeeper"
as "Gideon Allen"
Red State (2011)
as "Agent Carol"
Twelve (2010)
as "Hunter's Father"
as "Senator Jim Pine"
as "Jeff"
as "Roddie"
Reunion (2009)
as "Farley"
as "Karl"
as "Thackeridge"
Nola (2003)
as "Maitre D'"
G (2002)
as "Gene Underhill"
as "Green Army Jacketed Man"
Snow Day (2000)
as "Principal Ken Weaver"
as "El Cid Rivera"
Dead Girl (1996)
as "Director"
Amateur (1994)
as "Edward, Jaque's Accountant"
Simple Men (1992)
as "Sheriff"
as "BBQ Party"
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