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Rosenwald (2015)
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Norma Varden

Born January 20, 1898 in
as "(in "The Glass Key") (archive footage)"
as "Dr. Jenkins"
as "Englishwoman"
as "Lady Fetherington"
as "Frau Schmidt"
as "Miss Disendorff"
as "Wife in Nightclub (uncredited)"
as "Miss Pittford"
as "Dean of Briarcroft College for Women (uncredited)"
as "Priscilla Auerbach"
as "Mrs. MacGregor (uncredited)"
as "Madame Hilaire"
as "Mrs. Smythe-Chumley"
as "Emily Jane French"
as "Fabia"
as "Woman at Cocktail Party (uncredited)"
as "Lady Beekman"
Young Bess (1953)
as "Lady Tyrwhitt"
as "Aunt Agatha"
as "Pierce"
as "Mrs. Cunningham"
as "Lady Maude"
as "Nurse"
as "Nurse Brady"
as "Wealthy looking woman"
as "Mabel Jones"
as "Mrs. Abbott"
Ivy (1947)
as "Joan Rodney"
as "Wilmer Dawson"
as "Mrs. Hayworth"
as "Mrs. Bosomley"
as "Flora Carteret"
as "Mrs. Thelma Holt"
as "Mattie"
as "Mrs. Woods, Hall's Floor Lady"
as "Martha Neely"
as "Miss Sims"
as "The Wholesaler's Wife"
as "Mrs. Bland"
as "Miss Timmons"
as "Gracie the Barmaid"
Dixie (1943)
as "Mrs. LaPlant (uncredited)"
as "Opera singer (uncredited)"
as "Miss Penticott"
as "Julia"
Casablanca (1942)
as "Wife of Pickpocketed Englishman (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Osborne"
as "Henrys' Dinner Guest (uncredited)"
as "Miss Mullens"
as "Mrs. Bryce-Carew"
as "Clara Kimble"
as "Lady Heathcote"
as "Hat Saleswoman"
as "Hostess at Restaurant (uncredited)"
as "Maureen Kilmount"
as "Lady Patricia Randall"
Make-Up (1937)
as "Hostess"
as "Elena's Governess (uncredited)"
as "Olivia Potter-Porter"
as "Lady Margaret Wimpleton"
as "Mrs. Rawlingcourt"
as "Lady Dorking"
Mimi (1935)
as "Madame Durand"
as "Dora Streudelmeier, Karl's Aunt"
Dirty Work (1934)
as "Tiara Customer"
as "Duchess of Richmond"
Evergreen (1934)
as "Barmaid (uncredited)"
as "Editor's Secretary"
as "Ernestine Stoatt"
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