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Xiaoming Huang

Born uknown in
as "Shu Ren"
as "Chen Peng"
as "Yang Jian"
Bride Wars (2015)
as "Groom in the opening"
as "Lei Yifang"
as "Jim (Xiaoming)"
as "He Yi Chen"
as "Lei Yifang"
as "Xiao Gong"
Insanity (2014)
as "Chow Ming Kit"
as "Xiao Tie"
as "Man in Black"
as "Cheng Dongqing"
as "Cheng Daqi (young)"
as "Tianlang / Wolf"
as "Fang"
as "Ben"
Sacrifice (2010)
as "Jue Han"
as "Tang Bo Hu"
as "Tang Bohu"
Ip Man 2 (2010)
as "Wong Shun-Leung"
as "Takeda (Wutian)"
as "Li Yingiao"
The Sniper (2009)
as "Lincoln"
Fit Lover (2008)
as "Traffic Policeman"
as "General Yin Sun"
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