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Alexandra Daddario

Born Mars 16, 1986 in
as "Margaret"
as "Alexis"
as "Avery Martin"
as "Kate Jeffries"
The House (2017)
as "Corsica"
Baywatch (2017)
as "Summer Quinn"
The Choice (2016)
as "Monica"
as "Blake Gaines"
as "Olivia"
as "Haley Greene"
as "Annabeth Chase"
as "Heather Miller"
Hall Pass (2011)
as "Paige"
Odd Jobs (2010)
as "Cassie Stetner"
as "Allison"
The Attic (2007)
as "Ava Strauss"
as "Barbara Yates"
as "Kim"
as "Pretty Girl"
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