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David Strathairn

Born January 26, 1949 in San Francisco, California, USA
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David Russell Strathairn (born January 26, 1949) is an American actor. He was nominated for an Academy Award for portraying journalist Edward R. Murrow in Good Night, and Good Luck. and has also appeared in many of writer/director John Sayles's movies.

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as "Tom Milton"
as "Pete"
Nomadland (2020)
as "Dave"
as "Admiral William Stenz"
as "Theo"
as "Franklin D. Roosevelt (voice)"
as "Nathan Zuckerman"
as "Richard Weissman"
The Debt (2015)
as "Nathan"
as "Ralph Waldo Emerson (voice)"
Godzilla (2014)
as "Admiral William Stenz"
as "William Flynn"
Clementine (2014)
as "Henry"
as "Narrator (voice)"
as "Self"
Lincoln (2012)
as "William Seward"
as "John Dos Passos"
as "Noah Vosen"
Maladies (2012)
as "Delmar"
as "King Alonso"
as "Peter Ward"
Howl (2010)
as "Ralph McIntosh"
as "Professor Carlock"
as "Himself"
Cold Souls (2009)
as "Dr. Flintstein"
as "Steven"
as "Arthur Spiderwick"
as "Arnie"
Trumbo (2007)
as "Himself"
as "Noah Vosen"
as "Henry / Harry"
Steel Toes (2007)
as "Danny Dunkelman"
Fracture (2007)
as "Joe Lobruto"
as "President Dedmon"
as "Finn"
as "Judge James Horton"
The Shovel (2006)
as "Paul Mullin"
as "Edward R. Murrow"
as "Estes Kefauver"
as "Henry R. Hocknell Jr."
Twisted (2004)
as "Dr. Melvin Frank"
Paradise (2004)
as "Reverend Bobby Paradise"
Blue Car (2002)
as "Auster"
as "Mannie"
Speakeasy (2002)
as "Bruce Hickman"
as "Dr. Charlie"
The Victim (2001)
as "Mark Zingerline"
as "Truman Lester"
as "Captain Keller"
as "Harrison Lloyd"
as ""
as "Howard Goodwin"
Limbo (1999)
as "'Jumpin' Joe Gastineau"
as "Theseus"
as "Wes Westlund"
as "Charles Kaminski"
as "Rev. Russell"
as "Armand Minetti"
as "Jackson Kinley"
The Climb (1997)
as "Earl Himes"
as "Pierce Patchett"
as "Martin"
as ""
as "Russel Gates"
as "Russell Terziak"
as "Joe St. George"
as "Charles Lewin"
as "Tom Hartman"
as "Getso"
The Firm (1993)
as "Ray McDeere"
as "Johnny"
as "Young Arthur Huntington"
as "Rennie"
Sneakers (1992)
as "Irwin 'Whistler' Emery"
as "Mack Laflin"
as "Ira Lowenstein"
as "Carl Linstrum"
as "Asteroid"
as "Doctor Art Kobrine"
Judgment (1990)
as "Father Frank Aubert"
as "Craig Harriman"
Heat Wave (1990)
as "Bill Thomas"
as "Eddie Cicotte"
Call Me (1988)
as "Sam"
as "Charlie"
Matewan (1987)
as "Police Chief Sid Hatfield"
as "Stuart Chase"
as "Tony Pine"
as "Weejun"
as "Man In Black"
Iceman (1984)
as "Dr. Singe"
Silkwood (1983)
as "Wesley"
Lovesick (1983)
as "Marvin Zuckerman"
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