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Danny Trejo

Born May 16, 1944 in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Dan "Danny" Trejo ( born May 16, 1944) is an American actor who has appeared in numerous Hollywood films, most notably in "tough guy" roles as a villain or an anti-hero. He is perhaps best known for his portrayal of the character Machete Cortez in the Robert Rodriguez film Machete.
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as "Stronghold (voice)"
as "Jorge"
as "Santos"
as "Donicio"
as "Rondo"
as "Manny Navarro"
as "Goldberg"
Frat Pack (2018)
as "Dirty"
McDick (2017)
as "Oscar"
as "Guerrero"
as "Luis Diego"
Storks (2016)
as "Jasper (voice)"
as "Cicero"
No Way Out (2015)
as "Don Caceres"
4Got10 (2015)
as "Mateo Perez"
as "Max Burns"
as "The Drug Dealer #2"
as "Aguilar"
as "Frank Vega"
VANish (2015)
as "Carlos"
as "Night Wolf"
Hope Lost (2015)
as "Marius"
Vieques (2014)
as ""
as ""
Throwdown (2014)
as "Tattoo"
Strike One (2014)
as "Manny Garcia"
Reaper (2014)
as "Jack"
as "Skeleton Luis (voice)"
Preggoland (2014)
as "Pedro"
as "Reynaldo (voice)"
as "Frank Vega"
as "Big Biz"
as "Danny Trejo"
Reach Me (2014)
as "Vic"
Bullet (2014)
as "Frank"
as "Kross"
as "Oso"
as "Jairo Torres"
as "Guerrero"
as "The O.G."
as "Mando"
as "Machete Cortez"
as "Javier Reyes"
as "Pedro"
as "Venom (voice)"
as "Jesús"
as "Don Javier"
as "El Loco"
as "Himself"
as "Mister Chich"
as "Goldberg"
Sushi Girl (2012)
as "Scholmo"
The Cloth (2013)
as "Father Connely"
as "Caspian"
Bro' (2012)
as "Gilbert"
Ghostquake (2012)
as "Ortiz"
Bad Ass (2012)
as "Frank Vega"
as "Billy Black"
as "Hermit"
as "Mr. Perez"
as "Griswald (voice)"
as "Russ"
as "Carlos"
Cross (2011)
as "Lexavier"
Blacktino (2011)
as "Rogelio"
Recoil (2011)
as "Drayke"
as "Goldberg"
as "Director Holiday"
as "Frankie Gutierrez"
Machete (2010)
as "Machete"
Beatdown (2010)
as "Marcus"
Predators (2010)
as "Cuchillo"
Gun (2010)
as "Frankie Makina"
as "Phil Harrison"
as "Jimmy"
as "Matador"
as "Crazy Joe"
as "Aroon"
as "Clyde / The Guard"
The Grind (2009)
as "Nicholi Guzman"
as "Rico (voice)"
as "Himself"
The Line (2009)
as "Mario"
Eyeborgs (2009)
as "G-Man"
as "Father"
as "Himself"
as "Lobo"
Fanboys (2009)
as "The Chief"
as ""
as "Perry"
Ranchero (2008)
as "Capone"
as "Hector"
Toxic (2008)
as "Antoine"
as "Limo Driver"
as "Barro"
Furnace (2007)
as "Fury"
as "The Ref"
as "Albert"
as "Elder Barum (voice)"
Halloween (2007)
as "Ismael Cruz"
as "Carlos Santana"
as "Machete"
Grindhouse (2007)
as "Machete (segment "Planet Terror")"
Heckler (2007)
as "Himself"
as "El Chivo"
Death Row (2006)
as "Priest"
Sherrybaby (2006)
as "Dean Walker"
as "Apache"
Slayer (2006)
as "Montegna"
as "Derelict"
High Hopes (2006)
as "Shady"
as "Hector"
as "Rondo"
as "Harold"
as "Carlos Santiago"
as "El Charro (Voice)"
Champion (2005)
as "Himself"
Lost (2004)
as "Edward James Archer"
as "Cucuy"
as "Machete"
as "Lt. Gates"
as "Bob"
as "Officer Frank Luis"
13 Moons (2002)
as "Hoodlum #2"
xXx (2002)
as "El Jefe"
as "Pedro"
as "Little Bill"
Bubble Boy (2001)
as "Slim"
Spy Kids (2001)
as "Machete"
as "Vito"
as "Jumpy"
Inferno (1999)
as "Johnny Six Toes"
Soundman (1998)
as "Duce's Father"
as "Pierce"
as "Wallace"
as "Collins"
Champions (1997)
as "Max Brito"
Trojan War (1997)
as ""
as "Himself"
Con Air (1997)
as ""Johnny-23""
Anaconda (1997)
as "Poacher"
Los Locos (1997)
as "Manuel Batista"
Dilemma (1997)
as "Rudy Salazar"
Jaguar (1996)
as "Kumare"
as "Razor Charlie"
Heat (1995)
as "Trejo"
Desperado (1995)
as "Navajas"
as "Hawk"
as "Frank"
as "Luis"
as "Cuban"
as "Young Mexican"
Last Light (1993)
as "2nd Inmate"
12:01 (1993)
as "Prisoner"
as "Hard Hat"
as "Geronimo"
Nails (1992)
as "Las Virgenes bartender"
as "Spider"
as "Ticket Agent"
Whore (1991)
as "Tattoo Artist"
Wedlock (1991)
as "Tough Prisoner #1"
as "Toshi"
as "Prisoner"
Guns (1990)
as "Tong"
as "Hector"
Bail Out (1989)
as "Mean"
Cage (1989)
as "Costello's Bodyguard"
Lock Up (1989)
as "Chink's Gang Member"
as "Prison Inmate"
as "Sharkey"
The Hidden (1987)
as "Prisoner"
as "See Veer"
as "Art Sanella"
as "Boxer"
The Damned (2014)
as "Chimalle"
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