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Tim Pigott-Smith

Born May 13, 1946 in
as "Sir Henry Ponsonby"
6 Days (2017)
as "William Whitelaw"
as "Malidictes"
as "Commissioner Mayne"
as "William Melville"
as "Herbert Henry Asquith"
as "DS Maurice Ray"
RED 2 (2013)
as "Director Philips"
as "Commissioner Mayne"
as "P.G. Wodehouse"
as "Commissioner Mayne"
as "Mr. Brown"
as "Lord Ascot"
as ""
as "Foreign Secretary"
Flyboys (2006)
as "Mr. Lowry"
as "Creedy"
Alexander (2004)
as "Omen Reader"
as "Richard Hale"
as "Pegasus, Head of MI7"
Eroica (2003)
as "Count Dietrichstein"
as "Calvinist Minister"
as "General Feversham"
as "Major General Ford"
as "Thomas Benn"
Life Story (1987)
as "Francis Crick"
as "Peter De Savary"
as "Sir Stubbs"
as "Ronald Merrick"
as "Philippe"
as "Thallo"
as "Peter"
as "Gerald"
as "Harry Percy, Hotspur"
Aces High (1976)
as "Major Stoppard"
as "Tim Dent"
as "Proculeius"
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