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Jason Isaacs

Born June 6, 1963 in Liverpool, UK
Jason Isaacs is an English actor born in Liverpool, who is most well known for his performance as the villain Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, the brutal Colonel William Tavington in The Patriot and as lifelong criminal Michael Caffee in the internationally-broadcast American television series Brotherhood.

Jason Isaacs was born on 6 June 1963, in Liverpool, England, to Jewish parents who later emigrated to Israel. He spent his earliest childhood years in an "insular" and "closely-knit" Jewish community of Liverpudlians, of which his Eastern European great-grandparents were founder-members.

When he was 11, he moved with his family to Northwest London. He describes his childhood as "preparation" for portraying the "unattractive", villainous characters whom he has most often played.
as "Mark Asprey"
as "Field Marshal Zhukov"
as "Dr. Heinreich Volmer / Baron von Reichmerl"
as "Mark Jackowski"
as "Lex Luthor (voice)"
Dawn (2014)
as "Dawson"
as "John C. Breckinridge"
as "Ben McKay"
Fury (2014)
as "Captain Waggoner"
as "The Inquisitor"
as "Roman Castevet"
as "O "Gringo" (segment "Texas")"
as "Frank"
as "Waylon"
Sweetwater (2013)
as "Prophet Josiah"
as "Narrator (voice)"
Abduction (2011)
as "Kevin Harper"
Cars 2 (2011)
as "Siddeley / Leland Turbo (voice)"
as "Narrator"
as "Ra's al Ghul (voice)"
Skeletons (2010)
as "The Colonel"
Green Zone (2010)
as "Maj. Briggs"
Good (2008)
as "Maurice"
as "Antonio Pérez"
as "Harry H Corbett"
as "David"
as "Johnny Green"
as "Lucius Malfoy"
as "Mr. Parker"
Nine Lives (2005)
as "Damien"
as "Général James Wolfe"
Peter Pan (2003)
as "Captain Hook, Mr Darling"
as "Arneu"
Passionada (2002)
as "Charles Beck"
as "Lucius Malfoy"
The Tuxedo (2002)
as "Clark Devlin"
as "Major Mellitz"
as "Dr. William Birkin (uncredited)"
as "Capt. Mike Steele"
as "Chaz"
as "Dave “Percy” Sledge"
Hotel (2001)
as "Australian Actor"
as "Col. William Tavington"
as "Father Richard Smythe"
Soldier (1998)
as "Colonel Mekum"
as "Cow Pat Keegan"
Armageddon (1998)
as "Ronald Quincy"
as "Father Luca Tonarini"
as "D.J."
The Fix (1997)
as "Tony Kay"
as "Lord Felton"
Loved Up (1995)
as "Dez 2"
as "Harry"
Shopping (1994)
as "Market Trader"
as "Doctor"
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