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Lo Hoi-pang

Born uknown in
Three (2016)
as "Chung (Patient)"
Office (2015)
as ""
as ""
as "Eddie Pang"
as "Security guard"
as "Mr Jia"
Z Storm (2014)
as "Law Tak-Wing"
as "Bobo's father"
Iceman (2014)
as ""
as ""
as "Eight-Face Buddha"
as "Yin"
as "ZY Leung (segment "Jing Zhe")"
as "Pang"
Baby Blues (2013)
as "Old man"
as "Uncle Deng"
as "Uncle 6"
Drug War (2012)
as "Birdie"
as "Chung Yuen"
Dream Home (2010)
as "Sheung's grandpa"
Sparrow (2008)
as "Mr Fu Kim-Tong"
Throw Down (2004)
as "Master Cheng"
as "Percy"
PTU (2003)
as "Bald Head"
as "Uncle Man"
as "Mr Lo"
as "Queen Mother"
as "Huang Fei Hung"
as "Big Dai"
as "Police Sgt. Pang"
Teppanyaki (1984)
as "Ying's father"
as "General"
as "Ah Niu/Liang"
as "Sgt. Pang"
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