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Chasty Ballesteros

Born January 3, 1981 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Chasty Ballesteros is a Canadian actress who has had roles in Smallville, Supernatural, Psych,Sanctuary, and How I Met Your Mother.
The Mummy (2017)
as "Kira Lee (uncredited)"
Hot Bot (2016)
as "Sophia"
as "Christina"
as "Ronara"
as "Mae"
GirlHouse (2014)
as "Janet"
as "Leikula"
as "Gothic girl"
Neighbors (2014)
as "Alecia (uncredited)"
Cavemen (2013)
as "Monique"
as "Korah"
as "Exotic Dancer #1"
as "Kimmy"
as "Spa Receptionist"
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