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Patrick St. Esprit

Born uknown in
as "DS Allan"
War Dogs (2016)
as "Captain Phillip Santos"
as "Secretary of Defense"
I Am Wrath (2016)
as "Governor Meserve"
Truth (2015)
as "Brig. Gen. Buck Staudt"
as "Judge"
Draft Day (2014)
as "Tom Michaels"
as "Commander Thread"
Torn (2013)
as "Charles"
as "Herb Aadland"
as "Jack McMullen"
Demoted (2011)
as "JR Daniels"
Back Nine (2010)
as "Sheriff"
Green Zone (2010)
as "Military Intel 2 Star"
as "Major Walsh"
as "Pilot Craig"
United 93 (2006)
as "Major Kevin Nasypany"
as "General in Hallway"
as "Jimmy"
as "Ned Carson"
as ""
Liberty (2018)
as "Sgt. Tanner"
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