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Chapman To

Born June 8, 1972 in
as "Fatt"
as "Wyman Chan / Mario Ozuka"
Aberdeen (2014)
as ""
as "Plastic Surgeon Whoremaster"
as "Karl"
as "Chiu"
as "Keung"
Diva (2012)
as "Man"
Vulgaria (2012)
as "To, Wai Cheung"
The Bounty (2012)
as "Cho Sai Fung"
as ""
as "Ryan"
as "Manfred Shu"
as "Hugo"
as "Tai Chit"
as "Toad Monster/Gu Gu"
as "Psychiatrist"
as "Dentist"
as "Szeto Kei Fung"
as "Pan Xiao"
as "Drunk"
as "Eunuch Yeung"
Triple Tap (2010)
as "Pang Toa"
Ex (2010)
as "Doctor"
as "Spring"
Rebellion (2009)
as "Blackie"
as "Vincent Lee"
Parking (2008)
as "Tailor"
as "Chak"
as "Crazy Sam"
as "Tsui Wing-Kwong"
Isabella (2006)
as "Shing"
as "Policeman"
Initial D (2005)
as "Itsuki Tachibana"
as "Dumbo [voice: Cantonese]"
as "Officer Mo"
as "Interviewee praising Mandom"
Jiang Hu (2004)
as "Brother To"
as "Kin"
as "Chingmy"
as "Tolex"
as "'Crazy' Tsui Wai Keung"
as "Love Kwan"
as "'Crazy' Tsui Wai Keung"
as "Chao"
as "Toast"
as "Crab"
as "Huffman"
as "Man Keung"
as "Han Zhang"
as "Honey / fake tiger"
Honesty (2003)
as "Failure Fai"
as "Ion/Dragon"
as "'Crazy' Tsui Wai Keung"
as "To Lo Che"
The Wall (2002)
as "Jack"
as "Shenzhen cosmetic doctor"
as "Karaoke contest security"
as "Wong Chi-Wai"
as "Long Hair"
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