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Hark-On Fung

Born uknown in
as ""
as "Scruffy Chou"
as "Chess Onlooker"
as "Old Zhao"
as ""
as "Second village head"
Ip Man 2 (2010)
as "Master Cheng"
14 Blades (2010)
as "Justice Escort's counselor"
Rebellion (2009)
as "Uncle Man"
as "Bandit chief"
Triad Wars (2008)
as "Li Chun Tong"
Gong Tau (2007)
as "Master Clear Sea (as Fung Hak On)"
as "Sgt. Wai"
as "Harpist Assassin # 2"
as ""
as "Andy"
as "Thai gang leader"
as "Siu Bee Lei"
as "Possessed man"
Pink Bomb (1993)
as ""
as "Monk Blackie"
as ""
as ""
as "Wolf"
Miracles (1989)
as "One of Tiger Lo's men"
Little Cop (1989)
as "Yi's henchman"
Tiger Cage (1988)
as "Hsiung's buddy"
as "Thug on ship"
as "Fake policeman"
as "Chen Long"
as "Xiao Ke"
as "Danny Koo"
as ""
as "Pat"
as ""
as "Evil Disciple"
as ""
as "Killer"
as "Demon Tailor"
as "On Yuen"
as "Thug"
as "Master's Kam's men"
as "Yu Yee"
as "Ko Tai Hoi"
as "Pray / Let It Be"
as ""
as "Mo"
as "Pimp"
as "Liu Kuei Tai"
as "Master Chao Chi-Chih"
as "Kidnapper"
as "White Snake"
Hot Blood (1977)
as "Cat Eye"
as "Rapist official"
Jade Tiger (1977)
as "[Extra]"
as "Night club thug"
as "Governor's fighter"
as "Tai Kuang's opponent"
as "Challenges Bruce on set"
as "Tao's man"
as "Yeung Chung"
as "Boxer"
as "Liu Deruei's main thug"
as "Yang Jian (Erlang God)"
as "Lun Ying Tu"
as "Rebel officer"
as "Chang Chin-Chiu"
as "3rd Prince"
as "He Lian"
as "Wan Fai"
as "Casino top fighter"
Heroes Two (1974)
as "Hsiang Chao Hui"
as ""
as "Thug"
as "Lam's bodyguard"
as "Tan Si's coachman/Yang's thug"
as "Thai Boxing stadium bouncer"
as "Kan's man"
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