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Madison Mason

Born April 22, 1943 in
as "Councilman"
as "Mr. Kendrick"
as "Mr. Schultz"
as "Dick McConnell"
as "Grayson Franks"
as "Undersecretary Shrub"
as "Adm. Raymond A. Spruance"
as "Charles Hobbs"
The Base (1999)
as "Gen. Leo Oxenberg"
as "Admiral Lightener"
as "William Tucker"
Raven (1996)
as "Governor Sklar"
as "Ron, Civil Attorney"
as "Dr. Hastings"
as "'Cag'"
Glitz (1988)
as "Lt. Dixie Davies"
as "Prentiss Osborne"
as "Corrigan"
as "Roy Nellison"
as "Luther Baines"
as "Gray Ryan"
as "Quell"
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