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Mark Moses

Born February 24, 1958 in
Bombshell (2019)
as "Bill Shine"
as "Louis"
as "Midas Mulligan"
as "Fred Ross"
Paranoia (2013)
as "Dr. Butson"
as ""
as "Charlie Price"
Carriers (2009)
as "Doctor"
Swing Vote (2008)
as "Attorney General Wyatt"
as "Tom Fuller"
as "football dad"
as "Coffee Shop Customer"
as "Lakers FBI Agent"
Red Dragon (2002)
as "Father in Video"
as "Rick Taylor"
as "Col. Benton Lacy"
as "Tim Urbanski"
as "Michael Bedford"
The Doors (1991)
as "Jac Holzman"
as "Jordan Penrose"
as "Tom Adams"
as "Win Hockings"
Platoon (1986)
as "Lt. Wolfe"
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