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Nikolay Grinko

Born uknown in
as "Del Simone"
as "Ilya Lyova"
as "Grandfather"
as ""
as "Fyodor Kalashnikov"
as "курортник"
as "Nektaryi"
as ""
Solo (1980)
as "Aleksandr Mihaylovich"
Stalker (1979)
as "Professor"
as "Professor Gromov"
as "Nikolai Grigorievich"
as "Vyacheslav"
as "Полковник"
as "Nikitin"
as "Professor, Tasya's father"
as "Papa Carlo / Папа Карло"
Mirror (1975)
as "Direktor"
as "Unkle Vanya"
as "папа Олега, музыкант на Контрабасе"
as ""
Solaris (1972)
as "Kelvin's Father"
as ""
as "Andrei Maksimovich"
as "Danil Chorny"
as "Military Physician"
A Dream (1964)
as ""
as ""
as "Lieutnant Colonel Gryaznov"
as "американец"
as ""
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