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Saro Urzì

Born uknown in
as "Don Vincenzo Coluzzi"
as "Maria Rosa's father"
as "Jaco"
as "Vitelli"
as "The Doctor"
Serafino (1968)
as "Uncle Agenore"
as "Khalidès"
as ""
as "Basilio"
as "Carle"
as "Brusco"
as "Don Vincenzo Ascalone"
as "Brusco, il sindaco"
as "Il sergente"
as "Buonacasa"
as "Fernand"
as "Détective Saro"
as "Mendoza"
as "Beppe"
as "Mottina"
as "Mottia"
as "Gigi"
as "il Brusco"
as "Briscola"
Frisky (1954)
as "Don Nicola"
as "Captain of SS Nyanga"
as "Brusco - il barbiere"
as "Commissario Siceli"
Io, Amleto (1952)
as ""
as "Brusco"
as ""
Il bivio (1951)
as "Il brigadiere Carmelo Carlin"
as "Ciccio Ingaggiatore"
as "Il maresciallo Grifò"
as "Amico di Elide e Olga"
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