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Deke Anderson

Born uknown in
as "Dr. Ryan Greene"
as "Russian Submarine Captain"
as "Ghost 1"
Blood Shot (2013)
as "Informant"
as "Four Star General Caven"
as "Officer Crumley"
as "Gil Houseman"
Ballistic (1995)
as "Porter"
Felony (1994)
as "Dennis"
as "Mini-Ash #2"
as "Mini-Ash #1"
as "Actor (segment "The Branding")"
Kill Crazy (1990)
as "Garrison"
as "Store Clerk"
White Fury (1989)
as "Tyler"
as "American Soldier #3"
Nasty Boys (1989)
as "Steve Michaels"
as "Country Boy #1"
as "Police Officer"
The Hidden (1987)
as "Roadblock Cop"
as "Guard at Pat's House"
as "Hogs & Hogettes"
as "Punk Hoodlum"
as "Thug #1"
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