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Colin Kenny

Born December 4, 1888 in Dublin, Ireland
Shenandoah (1965)
as "Church Member"
as "Ad Lib at Church (uncredited)"
The Prize (1963)
as "Guest at Awards Ceremony"
as "Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)"
as "Senator (uncredited)"
as "Brighton Townsman (uncredited)"
as "Juror (uncredited)"
as "Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)"
as "Man in Crowd (uncredited)"
as "Pub Patron"
as "Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)"
as "Extra at Revival Meeting"
as "Man at Auction (uncredited)"
Compulsion (1959)
as "Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)"
as "Perry (uncredited)"
as ""
as "Plymouth Club Member"
as "Juror (uncredited)"
as "Patron at 21 (uncredited)"
as "Barfly (uncredited)"
as "Father in Montage/Nightclub Extra (uncredited)"
Brigadoon (1954)
as "Townsman"
as "Chicagoan (uncredited)"
as "Drunk Outside Arcade (uncredited)"
as "Wedding Guest (uncredited)"
as "The Baliff"
as "Audience Spectator"
Limelight (1952)
as "Music Hall Performer (uncredited)"
as "Mine Owner"
as "Club Patron"
as "Communist at Meeting"
as "Bar Patron (uncredited)"
as "Sarah Siddons Awards Guest (uncredited)"
Outrage (1950)
as ""
as "Patriot (uncredited)"
White Heat (1949)
as "Prison Guard (uncredited)"
as "Man Reciting Lord's Prayer (uncredited)"
as "Juror"
The Exile (1947)
as "Ross"
as "Police Detective (uncredited)"
as "Guest (uncredited)"
as "Sergeant"
as "Opera Patron (uncredited)"
as "Birthday Party Table Guest"
as "Alfred, Innkeeper / Bartender"
Kitty (1945)
as "Mr. Thickness (uncredited)"
as "Inspector (Uncredited)"
as "Policeman Outside"
as "Scotland Yard Man (uncredited)"
as "Man at Town Meeting (uncredited)"
as "Dock Worker"
as "Party Guest"
as "Party Guest"
as "Parade Soldier Spectator"
as "Hotel Doorman"
as "Hotel clerk"
as "Yankee Player on Train (uncredited)"
as "Policeman (uncredited)"
as "Fire Warden"
as "WAAF Supply Officer"
as "Constable (uncredited)"
as "Croupier (Uncredited)"
as "Al's Pal (uncredited)"
as "Doctor (uncredited)"
as "Officer"
as "Jim - English Ship's Brig Officer"
as "Court Bailiff"
as "Court Bailiff"
as "Plainclothesman (uncredited)"
as "Police Dispatcher (uncredited)"
as "Sergeant (uncredited)"
as "Doctor #2"
as "George"
as "Soldier"
Raffles (1939)
as "Bobby"
as "Capt. Benson"
as "Slade - Morgan Henchman"
as "English Bobby (uncredited)"
as "Nightclub Patron"
as "(uncredited)"
Kidnapped (1938)
as "Clansman"
as "Sir Baldwin"
as "Inspector Fitzgerald"
as "Henchman"
as "Policeman"
as "Hunter (Uncredited)"
as "Dental Patient"
as "Lord Chester Dyke"
Kind Lady (1935)
as "Second Scotland Yard Man (uncredited)"
as "Reporter"
as "Officer at Station"
as "Black Watch Officer (uncredited)"
as "Ormsby's Butler (uncredited)"
as "Theater Patron"
as "The Clock (uncredited)"
as "Doctor at Banquet"
as "Court Clerk (uncredited)"
Cynara (1932)
as "Officer at Inquest"
as "Dignitary on Dais"
as "Man Leaving Men's Room (Uncredited)"
Grumpy (1930)
as "Dawson"
The Egg (1922)
as "Gerald Stone"
as "Bevis"
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