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Lee Phelps

Born May 15, 1893 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
as "Himself (archive footage)"
as "City Engineer"
as "Court Bailiff (uncredited)"
as "Rusty Steele"
as "Rancher Scotty Davis"
as "Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)"
as "Neighbor"
as "Chief of Police"
as "Chauffeur (Uncredited)"
White Heat (1949)
as "Prison Tower Guard (uncredited)"
as "Juror (uncredited)"
The Window (1949)
as "Police Officer (Uncredited)"
Sky Dragon (1949)
as "Detective at Airport Gate"
as "Hank Cardigan"
as "District Attorney's Office Clerk (Uncredited)"
Red River (1948)
as "Gambler (uncredited)"
as "Detective"
The Web (1947)
as ""
as ""
as "Hatch"
as "Policeman #1 (Uncredited)"
Adventure (1945)
as "Bartender at Frank & Bob's Place (uncredited)"
as "First Policeman in Hogarth's Office (uncredited)"
as ""
as "Detective Benson"
as "Polasky"
as "Cop (uncredited)"
as "Immigration Officer with Black Hatband (uncredited)"
as "Umpire (uncredited)"
as "Night Watchman (uncredited)"
as "Headwaiter (Uncredited)"
as "Security Officer (Uncredited)"
as "Lieutenant-Commander (uncredited)"
as "Police Officer Ryan (uncredited)"
as "Bronson - Prison Gate Guard"
as "Policeman (uncredited)"
as "Detective (uncredited)"
as "Jailer"
as "The Sheriff-Conspirator"
as "Grady, Police Car Driver (Uncredited)"
Spy Ship (1942)
as "Listener on Street"
as "Police Telephone Operator (uncredited)"
as "First Railroad Yardman (uncredited)"
as "Police Telephone Operator"
as "Chairman"
as "Second Police Driver (uncredited)"
as "Coach Hartley"
as "Cop"
as "Cop"
as "Detective (uncredited)"
as "Joe - the Cop"
as "Bartender"
as "Bartender (uncredited)"
as "Flynn (uncredited)"
as "Detective Barter (uncredited)"
as "Police Lieutenant Bill Maloney"
as "Army Coach (uncredited)"
as "Police Lieutenant (uncredited)"
as "Ring Announcer (uncredited)"
Wyoming (1940)
as "Ed James"
as "Shop Foreman"
as "Plainclothesman (uncredited)"
Boom Town (1940)
as "Man Fighting Oil Fire (uncredited)"
as "Policeman (uncredited)"
as "Cab Driver Sitting on Cab (uncredited)"
as "Denver House Bartender (uncredited)"
as "Man Outside General Store (uncredited)"
as "Policeman at the Pawnbroker's"
as "1st Policeman at Buck's Hideout (uncredited)"
as "Sheriff Cameron"
as "Second Detective"
as "Train Conductor"
as "Police Officer Pegasee (uncredited)"
as "Bailiff"
as "Train Engineer Miller"
as "Police Broadcaster"
as "Visitor Room Guard (uncredited)"
as "Policeman"
as "Blacksmith"
as "Police Sergeant Outside Bohlen's Office"
Balalaika (1939)
as "Doorman (uncredited)"
as "Bartender (uncredited)"
as "Riley - Airplane Workman"
as "Ring Announcer"
as "Bailiff (uncredited)"
as "Fireman (uncredited)"
as "Policeman Playing Cards (uncredited)"
as "Night Gate Guard (uncredited)"
as "Workman's Stooge (uncredited)"
Golden Boy (1939)
as "Ring Announcer"
as "Guard at Reform School (uncredited)"
as "Policeman (uncredited)"
as "Policeman in Auditorium (uncredited)"
as "Dennis Slater"
as "Senior Officer (uncredited)"
as "Guard (uncredited)"
as "Police Guard"
as "Bailiff"
Dog Daze (1939)
as "Officer Sweeney"
as "Policeman at School (uncredited)"
as "Waiter At George's (uncredited)"
as "Hammer Game Barker"
as "Pete Higgens - Bartender"
as "Wichita Official (uncredited)"
as "Mechanic Hiring Doug"
as "Policeman"
as "Cop (uncredited)"
as "Policeman"
as "Train Conductor"
as "Detective (uncredited)"
as "Foreman at Accident"
as "Train Announcer"
as "Police Dispatcher"
as ""
as "Detective (Uncredited)"
as "Police Officer Ryan"
as "Bailiff (uncredited)"
as "Photographer"
as "Detective"
as "Detective Kestry (Uncredited)"
as "Ranger Captain"
as "Investigator Steve Roberts"
as "Patrolman Who Arrests Davis"
as "The Judge's clerk (uncredited)"
as "Deputy (uncredited)"
as "Printer"
as "Cop (uncredited)"
as "Radio Cop"
as "FBI Agent Harris"
as "Chief of Detectives"
Sandflow (1937)
as "Singing Guard"
as "Reporter"
as "Guard at Jail (uncredited)"
as "Relative of Sentenced Boy (uncredited)"
as "Police Officer Beaumont"
as "Riley"
as "Reporter (uncredited)"
as "Court Clerk"
as "Bartender"
as "Policeman"
as "Gangster"
as "First Mechanic (Uncredited)"
as "Lee (Uncredited)"
Road Gang (1936)
as "Guard in Blackfoot Mine (uncredited)"
as "Off-Key Singer Hank"
as "Bus Driver (Uncredited)"
as "Davis' Cellmate (uncredited)"
as "Stage Doorman at Club Lido (uncredited)"
as "Detective"
Hot Money (1935)
as "Policeman (uncredited)"
as "One of Keaton's Lieutenants"
as "Investigator (uncredited)"
as "Bailiff"
as "Detective Bates"
as "Court Clerk (uncredited)"
as "Detective Charlie Beale (uncredited)"
as "Construction Worker"
as "Tower Guard with Machine Gun (uncredited)"
as "Officer Berating Guard (Uncredited)"
'G' Men (1935)
as "McCord's Aide (uncredited)"
as "Policeman"
as "Bookmaker"
as "Safety deposit box guard (uncredited)"
as "Court Clerk"
as "Detective Gaynor"
Chained (1934)
as "Ship's Bartender (uncredited)"
Blind Date (1934)
as "Marathon Dance Attendant"
as "Detective (uncredited)"
as "Bailiff"
as "Joe Swanson"
as "Attendant from Asylum (uncredited)"
Female (1933)
as "Man with Thorne's Blueprint (Uncredited)"
The Chief (1933)
as "Tim, a Man Watching Fire"
as "Police Officer"
Penthouse (1933)
as "Detective (uncredited)"
as "Station Master (uncredited)"
as "Club Imperial Floor Manager (uncredited)"
as "Ambulance Attendant"
as "Banquet Photographer / Zoo Guard (Uncredited)"
as "Customs Inspector"
as "Burns - 1st Store Detective"
as "Secret Service Escort"
as "Spring Valley Contest Judge"
as "Taxi Driver"
as "Detective (uncredited)"
as "Hotel Desk Clerk"
as "Bartender (uncredited)"
as "Club Clerk (uncredited)"
as "Radio Test Man"
as "Dennis (Uncredited)"
Man Wanted (1932)
as "Speakeasy Waiter (Uncredited)"
as "Officer Myles"
as "Assistant Coach"
The Champ (1931)
as "Louie the Bartender (uncredited)"
as "Reporter from the News (uncredited)"
as "Hotel Elevator Starter"
as "Poker-Playing Salesman"
as "Desk clerk"
Daybreak (1931)
as "Waiter"
as "Steve - Bartender (uncredited)"
as "Smelts - Waiter (uncredited)"
as "Tom, Man in sound track (uncredited)"
as "Casino Patron"
as "Bartender"
as "Bouncer (uncredited)"
as "Detective Doherty"
as "Railroad Worker (uncredited)"
as "Athletic and Social Club Manager (uncredited)"
as "Bartender (uncredited)"
as "Truck Driver"
as "Larry the Bartender"
The Kiss (1929)
as "Tour Guide (uncredited)"
as "Extra"
Why Worry? (1923)
as "Guest (uncredited)"
as "Tom"
as "Policeman (uncredited)"
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