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P. J. Byrne

Born Mars 24, 1974 in Manasquan - New Jersey - USA
as "Record Producer"
Rampage (2018)
as "Nelson"
as "Mr. Henry"
Home Again (2017)
as "Paul"
Eloise (2017)
as "Scott Carter"
The Gift (2015)
as "Danny McDonald"
as "Brownie"
as "Moshe"
as "Rugrat"
as "Nicky Koskoff ('Rugrat')"
K-11 (2012)
as ""
as "Rick"
Coffees (2012)
as "Barry"
as "Paul"
as "Isaac"
as "Kenny Sommerfeld"
as "Davenport"
as "Dr. Preston"
as "Gary"
as "Jim Van Wagenen"
as "Evan's Staffer"
as "Perry the casting director"
Walkout (2006)
as "Teacher with Paddle"
Bewitched (2005)
as "Writer"
as "Panicked Newsroom Staffer"
29 Palms (2002)
as "The Doctor"
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