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Léa Seydoux

Born July 1, 1985 in France
as "Dr. Madeleine Swann"
as "Suzanne Knipper"
Spectre (2015)
as "Dr. Madeleine Swann"
as "Loner Leader"
as "Célestine"
as "Loulou de la Falaise"
as "Clotilde"
as "La belle"
as "Karole"
as "Candy"
as "Sidonie Laborde"
Sister (2012)
as "Louise"
as "Sabine Moreau"
as "Gabrielle"
as "Ève"
as "Prudence Friedmann"
as "Blanche de Montfort"
as "Marjoline"
as "Marie-Julie"
Robin Hood (2010)
as "Isabella of Angoulême"
Traceless (2010)
as "Fleur"
as "Léa"
Lourdes (2009)
as "Maria"
as "Charlotte LaPadite"
as "La fille du métro"
On War (2008)
as "Marie"
as "Junie"
as "Gisèle"
as "Jenny"
as "Olivia"
My Friends (2006)
as "Aurore"
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