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Banjou Ginga

Born uknown in
as "King Vegeta III (voice)"
as "Clarus Amacitia (voice)"
as "Theta's father (voice)"
as "Gouba (voice)"
as "Bakuryuu Brachiosaurus"
as "Shouhei Harada (voice)"
as "Raymond Marley"
as "Villey (voice)"
as "Gensei (voice)"
as "Brad (voice)"
as "Gatten Rakumu (voice)"
as "Gaster (voice)"
Neo Tokyo (1987)
as "Zach Hugh (segment "Hashiru otoko")"
as "Don Carleone (voice)"
as "Koga (voice)"
as "Bora (voice)"
as "Jigen Daisuke"
as "Norman (voice)"
Love City (1986)
as "Li (voice)"
as "Ultra Magnus"
as "Yumekanou (voice)"
as "Daimaou (voice)"
as "Damido Pechi"
as "Giren Zabi"
as "Captain of the Guard (voice)"
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