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Otto Wernicke

Born September 30, 1893 in Osterode am Harz
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Otto Karl Robert Wernicke (30 September 1893, Osterode am Harz – 7 November 1965) was a German actor. He was best known for his role as police inspector Karl Lohmann in the two Fritz Lang films M and The Testament of Dr. Mabuse. He was the first one to portray Captain Smith in the first "official" Titanic film.
Wernicke was married to a Jewish woman. Only due to a special permit was he allowed to continue his work in Nazi Germany.

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as "Willowitz"
as "Dr. Rainer sr."
as ""
as "Pietro"
as "Herr Dakar"
as "Kriminalkommissar Thieme"
as "Martin Jürgens"
Amico (1949)
as "Robert Kornagel, Konditormeister"
Kolberg (1945)
as "Bauer Werner"
as "Kunsthändler"
as "Amtgerichtsrat Witt"
as "Obermeister Kramp"
Titanic (1943)
as "Kapitän Edward J. Smith"
as "Georg von Schulte, Pferdezüchter"
as "Oberst Rochow"
as "Ludwig Burgstaller"
Homecoming (1941)
as "Old Manz"
as "Fürst Windischgrätz"
as "Vogelreuter"
as "Jonathan Pepper"
as "Gast im 'Elite'"
as "Thomas Viertinger, Hotelier"
Nordlicht (1938)
as "Kaufmann Hansen"
as "Police Commissar Borel"
as "Verwalter Miller"
as "Schradecke, Stellmacher"
as "Vater Hübner - Schmied"
as "Gastwirt Merckel"
as "Kriminalrat"
Manege (1937)
as "Jan Morell"
Heimweh (1937)
as "Stober, Pastor"
as "Scheffler - Aufsichtsbeamter"
as "Godemann - Gastwirt"
as "Geheimrat Grimm, Chefarzt der Klinik"
as "Herr Fluth / Frank Ford"
as "Bäckermeister Holm"
as "Wolter"
as "Der Gefängnisdirektor"
as "Wolke, Werkmeister"
Der Tunnel (1933)
as "Bärmann"
as "Herr Brand"
as "Kommissar Lohmann"
as "Franz Lechner"
as "Heiratsvermittler Kezal"
as "Gesandter"
M (1931)
as "Inspector Karl Lohmann"
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