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Gustaf Gründgens

Born uknown in
Faust (1960)
as "Mephisto"
as "Sir Henry St. John"
as "Wilhelm Friedemann Bach"
as "Joseph Chamberlain"
as "Jean-Gaspard Debureau"
as "Jack Warren"
as "Lord George Illingworth"
Pygmalion (1935)
as "Professor Higgins"
as "König Karl VII. von Frankreich"
as "Count Metternich"
as "Dr. Frost, politischer Agent"
Le Tunnel (1933)
as "Woolf"
Der Tunnel (1933)
as "Mr. Woolf"
as "Alexander"
Love Story (1933)
as "Baron von Eggersdorf"
Liebelei (1933)
as "Baron v. Eggersdorff"
as "Fahrlehrer"
as "Der 'Baron' Hochstapler"
Yorck (1931)
as "Karl August Fürst von Hardenberg"
as "König Friedrich Wilhelm III"
as "Unbekannter"
M (1931)
as "Crime Boss Schränker"
Danton (1931)
as "Robespierre"
Hokuspokus (1930)
as "Staatsanwalt Dr.Wilke"
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