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Daryl Shuttleworth

Born July 22, 1960 in
From Wikipedia

Daryl Shuttleworth (born July 22, 1960) is a Canadian actor.
He has had numerous small roles in a wide variety of North American television
shows and films over the years, but is best known for his role as Detective
Sean "Bub" Bailey in the gay-themed Donald Strachey mystery films.

Shuttleworth is the former president of the Canadian Virtual
Airlines, a roleplaying simulation about piloting airplanes. He played two
different roles in the Stargate SG-1 television series. He has appeared in 6 TV
as "Judd"
as "Ed"
as "Cotton"
Suddenly (2013)
as "Nate"
as "Lt. Richard Franks"
as "Sheriff"
as "Fire Marshall"
as "Guard Thompson"
Watchmen (2009)
as "Jon's Father"
Ice Blues (2008)
as "Detective Bailey"
as "McGraw"
as "Officer Fields"
as "Detective Bailey"
as "Pastor Evan Ford"
as "Detective Bailey"
as "Lt. Neal Munroe"
as "Detective Bub Bailey"
as "Larry"
as "Captain Reynolds"
Ebenezer (1998)
as "Fred, Ebenezer's Nephew"
as "Mark Anderson"
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