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Aya Hisakawa

Born November 12, 1968 in
as "Bulma (voice)"
Book Girl (2010)
as "Konoha's Mother (voice)"
as "Retsu Unohana"
as "Ying / Retsu Unohana"
as "Retsu Unohana"
as "Haruko Kamio"
as "Haruka Shitou"
as "Luna Carson (voice)"
as "Skuld"
as "Kero (voice)"
as "Kero"
as "Yodel (voice)"
as "Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury"
as "Sailor Mercury / Ami Mizuno"
as "Becky Farrah (voice)"
as "Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury (voice)"
as "Sailor Mercury / Ami Mizuno"
as "Girl (voice)"
Dark Cat (1991)
as "Aimi Koenji"
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