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Brian Cox

Born June 1, 1946 in Dundee, Scotland, UK
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Brian Denis Cox, CBE (born 1 June 1946) is a Scottish actor. He is known for his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he gained recognition for his portrayal of King Lear. He has also appeared in many Hollywood productions playing parts such as Dr. Guggenheim in Rushmore and William Stryker in X2. He was the first actor to portray Hannibal Lecter on film in the 1986 production Manhunter.

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as "Milton"
The Jesuit (2015)
as ""
as "Bill"
Pretenders (2018)
as ""
as "Captain O'Hagan"
Churchill (2017)
as "Winston Churchill"
as "Tommy Tilden"
Morgan (2016)
as "Jim Bryce"
Forsaken (2015)
as "James McCurdy"
Pixels (2015)
as "Admiral Porter"
as "Andrew Carnegie (voice)"
as "Dr. Langham"
Her (2013)
as "Alan Watts (voice)"
as "Sydney Newman"
as "Edgar Hoover"
Mindscape (2013)
as "Sebastian"
Believe (2013)
as "Matt Busby"
Blumenthal (2013)
as "Harold Blumenthal"
RED 2 (2013)
as "Ivan"
Blood (2012)
as "Lenny Fairburn"
as "Raymond"
as "Old Man"
as "Malcolm Young (voice)"
as "John Landon"
as "Gerry"
Ironclad (2011)
as "Albany"
as "Irving"
Coriolanus (2011)
as "Menenius"
RED (2010)
as "Ivan Simanov"
as ""
as "Reverend Kalahan"
as "Action 12 Reporter (voice)"
as "Jacques"
Tell-Tale (2009)
as "Van Doren"
as "Green Dragon (voice)"
as "Daniel Tennant"
Red (2008)
as "Avery Ludlow"
as "Frank Perry"
as "Spanners (voice)"
as "Old Angus"
as "Drosselmeyer"
as "Mr. Kreeg"
as "General Hemmer (voice)"
as "Dr. Hunt"
Zodiac (2007)
as "Melvin Belli"
as "Dr. Finch"
as "Douglas Baxter"
The Ringer (2005)
as "Gary Barker"
as "Alec Hewett"
Red Eye (2005)
as "Joe Reisert"
as "Narrator"
as "Ward Abbott"
Troy (2004)
as "King Agamemnon"
as "Narrator"
as "Tobias"
X2 (2003)
as "William Stryker"
Sin (2003)
as "Captain Oakes"
25th Hour (2002)
as "James Brogan"
as "Robert McKee"
The Ring (2002)
as "Richard Morgan"
as "Ward Abbott"
The Rookie (2002)
as "Jim Morris Sr."
Bug (2002)
as "Cyr"
Smallpox (2002)
as "Narrator"
as "Minister Breteuil"
as "Chisolm"
as "Himself"
L.I.E. (2001)
as "Big John Harrigan"
as "Captain O'Hagan"
Saltwater (2000)
as "George Beneventi"
Complicity (2000)
as "Inspector McDunn"
as "Martin Smith"
as "Sidney McLoughlin"
Longitude (2000)
as "Lord Morton"
as "Gary Wheeler"
as "Sean Wallace"
as "Doug"
Rushmore (1998)
as "Dr. Nelson Guggenheim"
as "Clayton Blackstone"
as "Uncle Vladimir"
as "Captain Jeremiah Cassidy"
The Boxer (1997)
as "Joe Hamill"
as "Chief Hatfield, Durham P.D."
as "Dr. Nathan Waldman"
as "Mr. Smith"
as "Lyman Earl Collier"
Braveheart (1995)
as "Argyle Wallace"
Rob Roy (1995)
as "Killearn"
as "Aethelwine"
Iron Will (1994)
as "Angus McTeague"
as "Major Michael Hogan"
as "Major Michael Hogan"
as "Owen Benjamin"
as "Carl May"
Red Fox (1991)
as "Geoffrey Harrison"
as "Peter Kerrigan"
as "Andrew Neil"
as "Voronov"
as "Voiceover Narrator"
Manhunter (1986)
as "Dr. Hannibal Lecktor"
as "Dr. McGregor"
King Lear (1983)
as "Burgundy"
as "Steven Shaw"
as ""
as "Trotsky"
as "Lasar Opie"
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