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Noah Taylor

Born September 4, 1969 in London, England
Born to Australian parents in London, Noah Taylor migrated to Australia at age five. He left school at 16, and began his acting career in amateur theater.
as "Mr. Pierce"
as "Phibs"
Free Fire (2016)
as "Gordon"
as "Thomas Rogers"
as "Crawley (voice)"
as "Mr. Robertson"
as "Xan Butler"
as "Dr. Carter"
The Double (2013)
as "Harris"
Mindscape (2013)
as "Peter Lundgren"
Lawless (2012)
as "Gummy Walsh"
Red Dog (2011)
as "Jack"
Submarine (2010)
as "Lloyd Tate"
as "Nate"
as "Prof. Evan White"
Lecture 21 (2008)
as ""
as "Selway"
as "Brian O'Leary"
as "Mr. Bucket"
as "Vladimir Wolodarsky"
Max (2002)
as "Adolf Hitler"
as "Edmund Ventura"
as "Bryce"
as "Dick Roswell"
as "Hyde Park Nutter"
The Escort (1999)
as "Gem"
as "Simon"
Woundings (1998)
as "Journalist"
as "Rusty"
as "Dean"
Shine (1996)
as "(Young) David Helfgott"
as "Ken Elkin"
Secrets (1992)
as "Randolph"
Flirting (1991)
as "Danny Embling"
as "Billy Engels"
as "Andrew Barlow"
as "Danny Embling"
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