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Nicholas Pryor

Born January 28, 1935 in
as "Mr. Bowery"
as "D8 Male Patient"
as "The Man in White"
as "Senator Delich"
Molly (1999)
as "Dr. Prentice"
as "Paul Moran"
as "Judge Flynn F. Slattery"
as "Secretary of State Jack Douglas"
as "Don Barnett"
as "Bidwell"
as "Judge Lamartine"
Sliver (1993)
as "Peter Farrell"
Hoffa (1992)
as "Hoffa's Attorney"
Brain Dead (1990)
as "Man in Bloody White Suit / Ramsen / Ed Conklin"
as "Baxter"
as "Mr. Exeter"
as "Benjamin Wells"
as "Tom Stewart"
as "Freddie Dayton"
as "John Pilgrim"
as "Mitchell McKay"
Amazons (1984)
as "Dr. Thompson"
as "Joel's Father"
as "Ralph"
as "George Brockington"
Rainbow (1978)
as "Bill Gilmore"
as "Charles Warren"
as "Man in Jaguar"
as "Prof. Samuel Graves - Cobra Team"
Smile (1975)
as "Andy"
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