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Dana Ivey

Born August 12, 1941 in
as "Diana"
The Help (2011)
as "Gracie Higginbotham"
Ghost Town (2008)
as "Marjorie Pickthall"
as "Sister Agnes"
as "Betty"
as "Congresswoman Libby Hauser"
as "Ruth Kelson"
as "Vera Gantner"
The Kid (2000)
as "Dr. Suzanne Alexander"
Mumford (1999)
as "Mrs. Crisp"
as "Edna Guidry"
as "Beatrice Vernon"
as "Grandmother Wenteworth"
as ""
Sabrina (1995)
as "Mack"
as "Meredith Stonehall"
as "Claire Bennett"
as "Judge Tompkins"
as "Widow Douglas"
as "Desk Clerk"
as "Margaret Alford/Margaret Addams"
as "Wardrobe Mistress"
as "Mrs. Reed"
as "Engagement Party Guest"
as "Yvonne / Naomi Eisen"
as "Miss Millie"
Explorers (1985)
as "Mrs. Müller"
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