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Edwin Maxwell

Born February 9, 1886 in
as "Porter Grimes"
as "Presiding Judge"
as "Politician (as Eddie Maxwell)"
as "Mr. Davenport"
as "Oscar Hammerstein"
Swamp Fire (1946)
as "Capt. Pierre Moise"
as "Radio Official (uncredited)"
Wilson (1944)
as "William Jennings Bryan"
as "Vice-President of Medical Society"
as "Businessman in Cocktail Lounge (uncredited)"
Waterfront (1944)
as "Max Kramer"
as "Doctor (uncredited)"
as "Stillwell, the District Attorney"
as "Sen. John Randolph"
as "Wingy Keefe"
as "District attorney"
as "City Councilman"
as "Dan Clark"
as "Withers"
as "Dr. Paxton"
as "2nd Mob Leader"
Kit Carson (1940)
as "John Sutter"
New Moon (1940)
as "Captain de Jean"
Jack Pot (1940)
as "Rocky Fallon"
as "Dr. Egelhoffer"
as "Oak"
as "Doctor"
Ninotchka (1939)
as "Mercier"
as "Rev. Daniel Gros"
as "Martin Dill"
as "John T. Stuart (uncredited)"
as "Messerschmidt"
as "Kirby's Attorney (uncredited)"
as "Krauss"
as "Hotel Manager (Uncredited)"
as "Theatre Manager"
as "Mondoon"
as "Mr. Bullock (uncredited)"
as "Dave Miller"
as "Ira Westing - Editor"
Slave Ship (1937)
as "Auctioneer"
as "Vocal Coach (uncredited)"
Night Key (1937)
as "Lawyer Kruger"
as "Kenyon"
as "Milton Beacher"
as "Richards"
Camille (1936)
as "Doctor (uncredited)"
as "Sid LeMaire"
as "Byron C. Wakefield"
Fury (1936)
as "Vickery"
as "Baxter (Uncredited)"
as "Gordon"
as "Douglas (uncredited)"
as "Newspaper Editor"
as "Mr. Casey"
as "The Augur, a Pompeii Official (uncredited)"
as "Lester Walsh"
as "Jefferson"
as "William King"
'G' Men (1935)
as "Joseph Kratz (uncredited)"
as "Nitto"
as "First Gentleman"
Cleopatra (1934)
as "Casca"
as "Lyman Warren"
Back Page (1934)
as "Martin Blake"
as "Producer Buddy Goldfarb (uncredited)"
as "Major Pope"
as "Morton Randall"
as "Jason Osgood"
as "Mr. Fitch"
as ""
Duck Soup (1933)
as "Freedonia's Secretary of War #1 (uncredited)"
as "Winthrop Allen"
as "Defense Attorney (uncredited)"
as "Mayor's Assistant"
as "The Man Fred Killed"
as "Louis Johnson"
as "Tom Rourke"
as "District Attorney Travers"
as "Laundry Company President"
as "The Maniac"
as "Joe Worth"
as "Mob Leader"
as "Dr. Vorse"
as "Earl Darrell"
as "Police Commissioner"
as "Doctor (uncredited)"
as "Sam Gobel"
as "Clark"
as "Jake Symonds (uncredited)"
as "Dr. Waitz"
as "Prison Commandant"
Scarface (1932)
as "Chief of detectives"
as "The Doctor"
as "Monte"
as "Police Agent Boligoff"
Wicked (1931)
as "Owner of property"
as "Wykoff (uncredited)"
Daybreak (1931)
as "Herr Hoffman"
Kiki (1931)
as "Dr. Smiley"
as "Uncle Julian Montell"
as "Cyrus Stevens"
Top Speed (1930)
as "J.W. Rollins"
as "Herr Bäumer (uncredited)"
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